I have developed a solid experience as a public speaker, in every kind of format: the art of short talks such as TEDx or Pechakucha, and longer conferences talks.

Going on TEDx stage in 2018, and then coaching upcoming speakers in 2019 has been a breakthrough for me.

Over the years I have gathered insights, and reached a deep understanding of good practices as well as a capacity to see for others what is not always easy to see for yourself: extract, craft and deliver their message in a powerful way, ensuring a clear takeaway for the audience. I have also made my fair share of mistakes, and learned highly valuable lessons that i then share my clients!

This knowledge, associated with the Exploring Happy approach allows me to offer powerful coaching, helping them extracting and crafting and delivering their message in an impactful way. This aproach is based on both storytelling and strategic message identification and organisation.

Preparing yourself to deliver a talk in a short format is actually a fantastic experience to clarify and organise your message, and can be used to the benefit or your website and your communication!

The journey is amazing, and goes way beyond the scene! You are not only TEDx-ready, you can then pitch yourself, explain your vision, communicate in an authentic and powerful way.

And most importantly: INSPIRE!

Each client is different. Some have already the story and need the message, some it is the other way round: they have a message, and need to uncover the story that will support it.

And the last category, the most challenging and intuitive one: the people who know they have a story and a message within, and need help to give birth to it. The key elements are there, yet the dots need to be connected! Together we litterally go on an exploration: your stories allow us to extract your message step by step, and then this message can be spread supported by one or several stories! You are in a way giving birth, and it requires a very intuitive kind of coaching as well as a capacity to organise ideas. The essence of Exploring Happy!

I am helping these 3 profiles of speakers finding their message and their voice.