Learn how to manage your budget with awareness

Understand your money spending patterns, identify your blocks and motivations, learn how to simply organise your budget, get a clear visibility on your upcoming expenses.

I have met SO MANY people in the past few years who all had avoidance mechanisms towards their money spendings.

Truth is, even if facing the numbers and discovering the patterns can feel highly vulnerable and scary for most people, it is just a short uncomfortable moment that opens the door to so much clarity and relief.

I have always been very good with numbers and budget. It is one of my superpowers. And very early in my adult life, I have understood that tracking my expenses and organising my budget was an absolute necessity for me

  • So that i could have enough savings for my projects, travels and various gears to practice all my beloved boardsports.
  • So that I simply don't empty my bank account: I have high level spending skills, believe me...

I had no idea that so many people were struggling to do the same, and I have been helping my friends for so many years that i stopped counting.

In the past 2 years I have developed a process to help people who want to do a career transition, or start a business, or simply reclaim power on their bank account and life.

Though, I won't be able to do everything for you. You'll have to put on the necessary work. My method is simple, but requires some extra work of expenses tracking in the first weeks so that things become natural afterwards.

My goal : that you stop counting because you have a system that 


  • You need a clear REASON (or several) to shift and start the work
  • You WILL face some blocks
  • You NEED somebody to hold you accountable and do the math with you if you really want to start the process
  • You will feel RELIEVED and EMPOWERED


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