My name is Hélène Schmit, I am an architect of the human. I help entrepreneurs and leaders to connect, embody and share their vision through the way they lead, work and live.

I work with inspired and conscious change-makers to create a fulfilling, impactful and work and organisation.

Find your true message

Empower yourself through your story (and leverage it)

Share your vision

Translate it into powerful and unique behaviors, positioning, services or products

Develop and embody an authentic strategy and leadership

Exploring Happy, a unique experience:

Explaining what you are going to experience is not easy to put in words. You are going on a deep exploration of self. Even my clients struggle to do it. Apparently, you have to live it.

The coaching I am offering is based on divergent thinking, mind mapping, emotional and mindset work, tapping into cross-culture influences such as design thinking and UX design. You’ll get to understand yourself deeply and truly. No bypass. This approach is atypical, profound and systemic, just like me. And definitely human-centered.

My promise for you: you’ll go at the crossroads of rational thinking, deep connexion to self to fulfilment, balance and fun. Each person has their own fulfilment and performance recipe. It is your responsibility to find it, it is my job to help you in this quest.

What you will get from the Exploring approach: 

  • An important clarification of your message, how it is embodied in your story(ies) and how it serves your vision.

  • An articulation of your services around your message and an understanding on how the dots can connect in surprising ways between things that seamingly felt separated all this time.

  • Clarity on the original services you can offer that will be unique, memorable and fully aligned with you biggest talents and vision.

  • A capacity to create experiences for your clients

  • A deeper understanding of your mechanisms and motivation patterns, as well as your natural talents and true added-value, and most importantly how to tap into them!!!

  • A dive into how your environment impacts you, how it affects you well-being, performance and creativity, and how to leverage that information

  • An increased capacity for creativity and innovation to the service of your business, as a consequence of working on the above-mentioned

  • A new outlook on your business development strategy, aligned with who you are rather than with good practices.

  • A new approach on productivity and work organisation: managing your energy and not your time, so you learn how to stop getting in your own way

The “whole package” of topics requires time, and I would recommend a 6-month commitment to cover and integrate all of these ideas. Each client being different, we set together a programme based on where you are at, what your needs are, and it always unfold in an order or another.

Exploring Happy is mix of a defined process and taylor-made inuitive approach.

Sooo… are you ready to Explore?  

Based in France, In Annecy next to Geneva, and regularly in Bali, I mostly work online, but can consider working in person if our location matches or if you have specific needs that can be discussed.