My name is Hélène Schmit, I am an architect of the human. I am a professional fulfilment coach helping individuals and organisations to connect and embody their vision, and bring the best out of themselves, by developing their individual fulfilment to the service of collective performance.

I work with inspired and conscious leaders willing to create a fulfilling, impactful and balanced organisation, by empowering their employees.

I put my powerful network to the service of the needs of your company by creating taylor-made complete service offers that serve your vision and fit your company’s needs

Exploring Happy was born after years working in big companies embracing high responsibilities. During that journey I have observed and understood a lot of things regarding human empowerment (and dis-) and received many trainings as a manager. I have created Exploring Happy as an answer to the pain I have witnessed and been through during those experiences, and capitalised on the “fulfilment receipes”. This birth happened on the island of Bali, a mecca for remote work and location independent entrepreneurship.

In this unique setting, I have understood deeply how we can deeply broaden our perspectives and connect our true potential. This scene is the proof that another way of working and being is possible. it embodies in the present what we call “the future of work”.

Changing your company’s organisation requires to educate employees on self-empowerment and give middle layer managers the tools to support the process.

Implementing a cultural shift implies giving both freedom and extended autonomy and responsibilities to your teams. It is not something easy and given in a world where most people have been in command and control environment since kindergarden!

Cultural change, including developing a remote culture requires time, empathy and to focus on creating a safe environment for them to experiment new ways of working and encourage initiative to foster innovation

My areas of work

  • Audit of the situation in your company regarding work culture, wants and needs, and support in setting the remote culture implementation strategy

  • Support in creating a tailor-made team of experts in cultural shift and remote work, to serve the specific needs of your organisation.

  • Executive coaching: being an inspiring leader - clarify and communicate your vision for your management team and employees.

  • 1-1 coaching for managers

  • series of workshop designed to empower employees and make them ready for a more autonomous or remote organisation (work organisation, balance and productivity through self-awareness - “manage your energy not your time” approach and mindset)

  • development of intrapreneurship to foster innovation

  • development of a positive mistakes managements and learning culture through specific events and manager’s coaching

  • atypical/multipotential profile coaching and integration in the company

  • Are you ready to start the big shift for your company’s culture and embrace the future of work?

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A few fruitful and fulfiling collaborations

In 2018, I have been speaker at TEDx as well as Freedom X fest and have co-authored a book called Freedom By Design, alongside a few other entrepreneurs including Casey Fenton, founder of Couchsurfing.

I also had the pleasure to collaborate many times with the innovative plateform Coworkees, who is offering a true paradigm shift on how to make companies and freelancers collaborate!

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Based in France, In Annecy next to Geneva, I mostly work online, but can consider working in person if our locations matches or if you have specific needs that can be discussed.