Exploring Happy is all about creating a way of working that truly suits you, ensuring your longterm fulfilment, wellbeing and balance, while taling into account the constantly changing world around us.


There is ONE key idea to get: sustainable performance, productivity, engagement and innovation are ALL a consequence of a work life and work environment that create a strong sense of belonging, meaning, safety, security and empowerment. A work that is as aligned as possible with who you are, your values, and that makes you want to wake up in the morning. Tasks that allow you to express with great results your natural talents, rather than focusing on your "areas of improvement", identified by third parties projecting what they want on you.

A work that makes you express your best added value naturally, that does not deplete your energy, that you are not praying to escape from every evening, weekend, or holiday.

I focus my work on professional development, mindset, as well as conscious productivity and strategy.

What do I mean exactly by that?

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It means making your professional choices using powerful tools: self-awareness, understanding of the impact your environment has on you, and energy management. You'll take the power back by exploring new ways of working or new kinds of works. More human, conscious, flexible, innovative... and deliciously productive.

The strategy part is also very important and is a great side-effect of growing self awareness and leveraging it. You have access to so much content, books, trainings, advices, or new trends that you can easily forget that your strategic positioning should be above everything aligned with what comes naturally for you. Emphasize what makes you shine naturally. For a strategy to work, it requires that it feels right! Pushing yourself the right way, and making a difference between blocks to overcome, and true intuition that something is not for you.

When you constantly act like somebody else, like you think you SHOULD, you are losing precious energy and also time, it takes so much more time to do things! Making choices out of outside world pressure or vision will not be sustainable, neither for your authenticity of your business, nor for you! By understanding deeply what impaxt your choices have on you and your talents and inspiration, you really maximise your added value and impact, and differenciate yourself naturally.

Your idea? There are many chances that other people had it before or even now. Who you are, why you do it, and how you do it, this is what counts. Embody them fully, and surround yourself with the people that feel right and get you, this is what will make the difference!

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My collaborations have been, and keep on being stimulating and various, wether it is with entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups, employes or corporate executives, as well as people going through a life and career transition.

In 2018, I have been speaker TEDx , I have co-written a book called Freedom By Design, and i'll soon be a speaker at  Freedom X fest as well as other upcoming events.

I also have the great pleasure to collaborate with the Coworkees platform, that is really revolutionary and committed into opening up companies and corporations to other ways of working and accessing to talents?

Here is an outlook on my areas of expertise :

  • Energy management

  • Create a meaningful and fulfilling work life

  • Understand your drives, blocks and hidden (or obvious) opportunities

  • Conscious productivity and work organisation

  • Heart-centered strategy

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Priority management

  • Visions, values and inspirations

  • Authentic and impactful storytelling

  • Define and attract your ideal clients

  • Communicate and sell with the heart

  • ...

I am working through different channels

  • 1-1 coaching

  • Workshops

  • 3 months programmes

  • Public speaking


You want to know more? Here are the different ways to reach out to me:

I am now back from Bali and based near Annecy, closeby to Geneva. I work with my clients online as well as on location if we can.

If you are interested or curious, please reach out!!!