What can happen a day before you start a co-working, life-change experience

Monday the 9th of november 2015 has been my first day at Tribewanted Bali / Hubud

On sunday evening, while getting ready to go to bed, i was feeling weird, but positively weird : like a kid experiencing mixed feelings of both going back to school and christmas eve… Nervous, excited, happy, full of questions and conscious and unconscious expectations.

I struggled big time to fall asleep. Like a kid. And I enjoyed the feeling.

Earlier that day, after a lovely afternoon with Kirsty and her boyfriend chilling at the pool in my hotel, I went to a restorative yoga class, a very meditative practice. It seemed appropriate after a long flight and before a big step forward in my life. For many reasons outside my tribewanted start, my mind was pretty busy, but the practice brought me a nice peace feeling.

Afterwards, i have had diner with an english girl met earlier that same day during lunch, who happened to be in a mindset i had experienced really well. Travel connections are awesome. I saw a lot of my “former” me in her : the struggle about the job, the attempt to make things change but without knowing how to start, what to do, the feeling to trap yourself over and over again in the same pattern/comfort zone from a professional point of view, but knowing you are meant for something else…

She had changed her location, from England to Australia, and soon New Zealand, which is already very brave, but was still feeling highly unfulfilled in her existing corporate work environment, since she did not change field yet. It was not matching her values. She has ideals, ideas, and surely a will to help things change. But until now, it was not time yet to reset the job part. And maybe it will take a little more time. It can take time to go out of your working comfort zone, and it’s completely ok. Each to their own in their life change process. Of course she was experiencing the same guilty feeling i had known in the past, about not daring. But later, i am sure that, just like i did, she will understand that she’s already on the way.

We surely had loads of things to discuss, the evening was really nice.

So, same as Lorna and Chelsea did for me in january this year during my first stay in Bali, it was my turn to tell her about my escape the city / tribewanted / escape to the woods experience. Once the “student” once the “master”… That moment was actually great for me, because i realised even more the path i have been through in the past 9 months, since my last stay here. This time, i was the one who had already moved a little bit more forward in the journey. You should have seen her eyes sparkling when i was explaining to her what this magic combo of tribe wanted and escape the city was.

Nothing happens randomly, we kind of were meant to seat at the same table for lunch earlier that day and talk, then meet again at yoga class, to end up in that small warung in Ubud.

I know how much that moment can be both inspiring and shakening when your perspectives are suddenly broaden by people you meet on a travel, people you feel like you’ve been knowing them for more than an handful of hours, in a way. The moment you discover that there is something else going on, that there is actually a supportive, likeminded and ongoing community, that you are not alone in your struggle and that other people have been there and have found inspiration to move forward. I am not surprised she told me on monday that it took her hours to get some sleep. That’s actually a good news.

I started writing that little piece on monday morning, while sitting in a comfy seat, next to a fan, at the top floor of the bamboo house of Hubud in Ubud, waiting for the tribewanted adventure to start, with a cup of tea, my laptop, and my dreams. I was about to meet everybody in the tribe. And it felt so good, so right. Eiji was outside having a Skype session. He told me he was actually one of the founding member of the place. Not so surprising actually! Now it is tuesday morning, I am finishing this piece, and i can tell you I already have a lot to tell about what happened on monday, inside and outside tribewanted. I am sure that today will be very interesting too. I’ll tell you about it later!

To be continued…