One thing I strongly believe in : weekly and daily defined goals are very useful when you have something specific to work on, or a business to run. It has been quite useful for my accommodation seek and my blog building in november. But considering where i am at regarding my future work design, i have realized it was freezing me. So I have decided to test another approach for the following weeks.

A bit more than 2 weeks ago, we've welcomed a new tribe member, that is a long time digital nomad and an experienced coach : Tal Gur. He has for sure valuable knowledge to share. Last week, he told us about his yearly and monthly themes. I found his approach very interesting and pressure-releasing, since it takes distance with over detailed goals. It inspired me for this second month in Bali, and I decided to rather work with monthly intentions, then express  them through weekly themes, and make things happen around this theme. If i feel at some point that a theme deserves more than a week, i will allow it, or come back to it after my first set of week themes..

There are many things that interest me  when it comes to the design of my future work, and even if in the long term they have the potential to merge in a global project, for now it is just a cloud of options. For now it feels better to not define too much, to explore, and keep opportunities wide open.

So, my intention for december is to explore each field that interest me for my future during a dedicated period of time, and to be as open minded and curious as possible.Grabbing opportunities to discuss with people about it, think, read, write,... in order to nourish and mature my ideas and broaden my perspectives. I strongly believe that this is how my work project will emerge.

Weekly goals will at least for now turn into weekly theme. There will be absolutely no daily goals, no pressure, just a strong commitment to myself, and a will to go deeper in each theme since they really ring a bell to me. Moreover, Ubud is the perfect place to meet accurate people i can talk to, who can advice or inspire me. As an outcome, I will commit to a minimalist one :  a weekly blogpost. The other potential outcomes will only be known by the end of the week.

Each day might be different in terms of time spent: It can be just 1 or 2 hours one day, or 6 the next one, no pressure, just assertiveness and awareness.

When I have taken that decision last week, I have been thinking about suspending Tribewanted during this month, but i have finally found interesting to use the tribe differently, and then give people feedback about my new way of living the tribe. I will be attending one or two meeting a week, and i still remain in the accountability dynamic by simply announcing my theme and intentions on monday, and maybe meet them again on thursday. My path might also give ideas to people to think differently about the coworking experience. After that first month, i’ll write a review about my custom-made tribe experience. I think it might be very useful for people thinking about joining Tribewanted to realize that there is flexibility in it, the daily meetings and goals are not a tight commitment, it can be adjusted to their rhythm and personality if they feel like it.

I have realized that there is no pressure outside the one we decide to impose ourself.

I am be also very curious to know what you, the readers, think about this approach. Have you been in such a developing dynamic before? Did you experiment different ways of trying to make things happen or finding your purpose before starting your "action plan"?

So, here is my inspirational shopping list for the first 3 weeks of my experiment :

  • energy
  • coworking / tribe / escape the city
  • coaching

I’ll see what comes out of this after these 3 weeks. Other themes, and/or a will to go deeper in one of these topics, or... who knows what...

I have actually just finished my first week. The energy week.

It has been very interesting, and i have really succeeded in focusing strongly on my theme - maybe because i am passionate about it. But actually, it is the same for the upcoming themes, so I am not worried at all... I am rather very curious and happy.

I have quickly noticed that since the day i have shifted my mindset about how goal setting could look like, things have started falling into place, and it brought me a significant inner peace. I have felt relieved from some kind of pressure, like i had finally found an approach and that suited me.

The energy week has been very interesting on two angles :

  • On the activities point of view : I have been participating to a 8 hours workshop on energy, having very interesting discussions with different kind of healers, reading a very complete book about healing with energy, reading plenty of recommended articles explaining all the existing technics, deepening my yoga practice, being accountable on a daily diversified meditation practice. The one thing i have not managed to do : Qi gong. On my todo list.
  • On the human interaction and self awareness point of view : I have unexpectedly met very interesting people who all had something to bring me about energy, philosophy and meditation/yoga knowledge. I have set an intention, and things has fallen naturally into place in an admirable way. On a human interaction point of view i have experienced situations that have made me gain energetic awareness, and made me understand more clearly what is good for me and what is not, depending on the moment and what i truly need. Learning to connect and listen to your intuition is a long journey. How to identify the boundary between intuition and fear or saboteur is not an easy job. I surely have been moving forwards the understanding of how my body talks to me during this week.

The outcomes from this week :

  • An idea : Why not start an energy diary, to understand more about when and in which situations i feel drained or energized here. I already knew my 101 about my energetic pattern, but I have noticed it more during this past week, and i have reached a deeper understanding thanks to all my activities and insights.
  • A challenge : I will turn my 3 meditations-a-week practice to a real daily practice. Challenge!
  • A new journey : I want to start learning a energetic healing technic. There has been way too many healers on my path these last years to continue ignore that call. I will go throught this journey without expectations, just with the strong intention to learn more about it. I have decided to take my level 1 Reiki practitioner while i am here in Ubud.
  • A hidden agenda that has finally come out of the box : i am considering very seriously to take my first yoga teacher training, hopefully this winter. I don’t know yet where, when, but my practice and my encounters this last month made me realize that it would be a very interesting way to really go deeper in my practice, including the spiritual and energetic aspects of it, and finally learn about the ancient texts that are the base of the yoga philosophy. I think that i have heard the "you should really do a yoga etcher training" sentence at least from 10 different persons in the past 2 weeks. Ok, ok, maybe there is a message there...

This is how i am closing this first week. I am happy and proud to call it a success. And actually, writing this blogpost is a very good kickstart and insight for my second theme week : exploring the concept of tribes, co-working communities, and the principle of helping people finding the inspiration and motivation to build a career on their own terms, highly inspired by escape the city. It does not mean that i will get crazy with contacting people at that point. My weekly intention is rather to give myself time and space to reflect on how I see things, and how i could join the escape the city/tribe building dynamic on my own terms. I am really excited about it.

Oh, and by the way, i forgot to mention that i decided to stay longer in Bali. Until end of february i think. There is too much to explore here, 2 months is not enough. This place is so unique, so full of opportunities to discover, grow, connect (personally and professionally)

I would be very interested in your feedback, please don't hesitate to comment! And see you next week for the next step, week 2 of exploring my life options with happiness.