One month ago, I have had the honor to be interviewed by my friend and inspiring podcast host, Nik Wood, founder of Life Athletics Apart from his podcasting activity, Nik is a skilled coach that trains people to "level up" in their life through an efficient goal setting process.

He was intrigued by a part of my life that is not really visible in Bali: gravity sports. As you may or may not know, I practice an extreme sport called streetluge (and its rock and roll twin, called buttboard). It is part of my DNA. I got hooked by these 2 sports as well as longboarding in 2003, and it has been central in my life ever since. I can clearly state that it has been one of the foundations of who I have become today.

Nik was curious to know what streetluge riding and racing with men in open category brought me, and the lessons I have learned from it. We have shared stories and have more broadly discussed growth, goals, life, happiness and my new coaching program. We had a very stimulating conversation, fun, full of insights. You can find it here

So if you want to listen to a podcast rather than radio during your breakfast, or if you are looking for something different to listen to during your daily commutes, don't hesitate to go check the other episodes, they are brilliant!

Have fun listening to my interview, and don't forget to level up!

Cheers from Bali