I am currently in transition. And it is very interesting
I have arrived in France 8 days ago, after living 6 highly fulfilling months in Ubud, Bali.
Yet, it does not feel like I am "back". Of course, it is my homeland, and I see my family, my friends, places that I used to call home. I am really happy about it.
But there is one big difference this time : I don’t have a place I claim home, to "come back" to, and I don’t have the intention to settle somewhere for now.
My business development strategy will imply a really nomadic life in the next months. France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, and most likely also Germany and Italy. And maybe England, Netherlands, Belgium,… During the next 5 months, I am going to live in my suitcase, I'll have my home in my car.
I was dreaming to buy a van, in order to have a base camp, a hideout to be by myself, to regenerate. I might be social, I remain a proper introvert. It is unfortunately not likely to happen.
This past week has been full of insights about transition, change management, and nomadic life

So far, I have slept in 5 different places in 5 different cities, been in public transports a lot. Wandered around a lot when I was in between two places.
In the past, being so much geographically all over the place would have left me energetically drained after a few days, struggling to interact socially, a bit annoyed and/or annoying. I am really happy to witness that something major has shifted in me : I manage to position myself differently towards situations and peoples than how I used to do before. I am way more grounded and centered. And I have a "why", a bigger picture.
I manage to be present way better than in the past, and at the same time, I am being more cautious than I used to with my energy spending.
All of this is great news considering the lifestyle that is going to be mine in the next months. In a way, it will be a constant transition. Well yes, challenging and stimulating times ahead!

For now, there are highs most of the times, but there are, and will be, other days, other moments. And it is all about embracing and dealing with these low moments, with all the questions raised by this new adventure.

Keeping myself balanced and focused in major transition times like the one I experience now, moving from Bali to Europe, not having a home, being fully in charge of the reality I want to create, is not a piece of cake.
Dealing with this constant moving, starting to do the paperwork to create my company, declare taxes, organize logistic with my stuff still in a storage box that I have to bring back at my parents in 10 days,… Is not really fun. But these are major « to do » so I can leave this behind me.
The challenge and beauty here are all about being able to dance with transitions, move smoothly through periods of major change. The music, the flow are very unusual. The lessons that can be learned if you listen properly are major.
You gotta both surrender, decelerate, reflect but also keep momentum. During this kind of times, you have to be even more careful and self-aware, because your energy, your mindset, your motivation can shift very easily.
When dealt with in awareness, transitions are a great place for appreciation, opening to opportunities, teachings and growth.
For sure, these moments make us also face our dark sides, or a least witness our own self in challenging situations. It is life testing us. This is where the biggest insights and lessons stand.
Keeping that feeling of being grounded and centered in the long run, that is the real challenge.
Big change and transitions teach us to remain flexible, opened and available, while still staying centered and grounded, and self-sustainable. Like bamboo.
So you can follow as peacefully as possible the flow of the unknown, without expectation, but with intention.
Even if I know all of the above, that I have to be gentle with myself and patient, still, I don’t want it to become a full-time excuse to procrastinate with my work.Because I know myself and my tendency to procrastination, so I do my best to deal with that aspect of my personality.
What is the best way to beat procrastination when facing big changes, challenging times?
My personal answers are: habits, morning routine, doing things that stimulate me professionally as much as possible, creating cue/reward mechanisms, and make sure I'll manage to have some "me" time.
I know for a fact that with a bit of discipline, and without feeling frustrated, I can deal with these to do's as well as my work, and still find this oh so precious "me" time. I know very well what to do, I preach it, I coach people on efficiency, time and priority management, and on being self-sustainable with themselves. But it is always much harder to apply it to yourself, to coach yourself.... (this is why every coach should have a coach also ;) )
Now is time to apply it more than ever through baby steps, but with inspiration and intention.
Remember your "why" will always leads you to your "how".
First of all, it is all about staying connected to my happy anchors : practicing yoga, creating space for small meditations, listening to my music in my car, writing, and of course spending some times with my favorite people. I also plan to go to hiking a small local mountain, and attend at least once a capoeira class, if they accept that I drop in for a class while I am here. It would be awesome!
Work-wise, I am going to bring back a bit of structure in my days : setting an alarm in the morning, have a morning routine, work in the morning, while my energy/productivity is at its highest. I will start by listing what I want to do in the next month, set priorities, set global goals and intentions, and move forward towards them each and everyday through baby steps.
Last but not least, I will also create space for reflection, on a regular basis, in order to avoid turning myself in a giant to do list. Always keep the connection with your bigger picture!
And most of all, I accept that I won’t be perfect. That there will be lows. That this transition will bring its lot of tests and challenges. And rather than blaming myself, accept that I will do my best, learn from every situations, and take my decisions with awareness. And always remember my bigger picture.