When I left Ubud, three weeks ago, I wrote an article on my personal facebook page. A tribute to this amazing human, personal, professional, spiritual and sensitive experience and community.

I have received a lot of lovely feedbacks, and word of mouth has led me to be contacted by Hanna, a very nice lady who was then about to launch a brand new and very well sorted online magazine, called Nowlicious magazine. The magazine is now online since yesterday, and it is simply beautiful, with a lot of interesting content, about yoga, spirituality, and healthy living.

She has asked me if she could publish a part of my text. Well, yes, of course!!! I am so happy and honored to be part of this great magazine. A first edition is always very special.

So go check it out! My article is page 50. An immersion into the magic of living Ubud.

followed by a very cool must-do list in Ubud built by my good and talented friend Caroline, founder of the travel story festival.

Nowlicious is also a very good yoga searcher website

Longue vie à Nowlicious!