It hit me yesterday evening, while attending a yin yoga workshop at Barcelona’s Jivamukti center. I had noticed it before of course, but yesterday was a special moment.

It was at the very beginning of the class, and I wished I could grab a pen and paper, right now. But at that moment the only thing to do was to enjoy fully the 3 hours of yoga magic that were just starting.

What I have fully realised is that the only place I feel completely home while on a travelling flow is on a yoga mat.

Still, travelling times are also the most challenging ones to maintain a regular practice. My yoga mat is my safe place, it is the bubble I need to regenerate.

It brings that precious sense of familiarity, it feels right. That feeling of being  home is even stronger when I attend a class than when I do my home practice. Surely because attending a class is a commitment as much as it is an act of self-love.

I have my ritual before a yoga class. I arrive early, I sit, I meditate, I set my intentions. As soon as I am in this flow, I feel settled, I feel where I belong, I feel home, I feel so much stronger.

Inspiration, confidence and clarity grow, and sometimes major breakthroughs or emotion release happen. How I feel after a class is beyond word : Grateful, open-hearted and so energized.

So why is it so easy to neglect that oh-so-precious moment? Because I am human, and full of contradictions. Because knowing what brings you balance is different than fully embody it

When being often on the move like I have been since past 2 months, it is easy to let go on habits, even the ones that are so good for you

Moving a lot kept me busy, and paradoxically it also made me lazy.

Lazyness through busyness. In one word : procrastination

Sometimes yoga is easy, it flows naturally. Other times you get caught by life.

Tomorrow, I’ll be on my mat again. I will sweat, I will struggle, I will enjoy, I will breathe, I will open-up

And it feels good