A week ago, the first Freedom Summit was taking place, online.

A conference designed by and for location independent workers and digital nomads, or aspiring ones. I was honoured to be on of the speakers, on the same line than the founders of Couchsurfing, The Nomad Capitalist, The DNX conference, Hubud coworking space, Coworkation, Coboat, Nomad Convoy, Mobile jazz, ... as well as some of some of my inspirations and friends Tal Gur, Osha Key, Melanie Midegs and Derek Loudermilk, as well as many other inspiring speakers and entrepreneurs.

If you follow Exploring Happy on facebook, you surely have seen the announcements for the free access to the talks during the event. I hope you took advantage of it!

If not, or if you want to go deeper, the content remains available through a backstage pass, which includes the 20 talks that give you access to a lot of value, experience and insights, AND a lot of bonus : 4 masterclass displayed by some of the featured coaches, and 4 e-books!

I have designed a masterclass specifically for the target audience of the summit, on productivity and balance while traveling. How to manage change, settle in a new place, find your flow, and upgrade to productivity and empowerment thanks to routines and boundaries.

Want to check out the backstages? click here

I got you a special discount, so use the coupon code BEFREE for a 20% discount on backstage package!

I wanted to congratulate again the team who has done an excellent work to put this conference together and deliver such a high value content! You can be proud!

Stay tuned for the next ones, with even more exciting speakers and content!