Working with companies and organisations, express the full potential of my work.

Especially with start-ups, where all the ingredients are (already or potentially) here to create an empowering dynamic :

  • meaning
  • culture and values
  • remote work
  • flexibility 
  • complementarity
  • innovation
  • pro-activity
  • community and collaboration

It is all about finding the right receipe to go from theory to practical applications.

And this is when having an external advisor can make sense : when the company or start-up grows to a point where there is a need for HR support, big picture and setting rules of the games so the teams keep on working well together and maintain work-life balance.

Growing implies other challenges : maintaining engagement and innovation. This is where trust, safety and belonging will make a difference.

I was thrilled to share my knowledge with an amazing start-up incubator called Livit. They already have implemented an amazing work dynamic, company culture, and they have people in charge of HR who do amazing job, while having their teams in 4 different locations.

They are a role-model for growing start-ups for sure! We had a powerful moment together during the webinar, who was in person for Bali team and broadcasted live in their 3 other locations in the world (Copenhagen, Zurich and the US).

We talked about how self-awareness boost productivity and empowerment, how to manage flexibility communication and complementarity in team work, as well as the importance of boundaries and how to create a safe environment for collaboration and innovation. A big agenda, and a great experience.


You are a start-up and want to find out how I can help? Check this page and don't hesitate to contact me for further informations!


PS : You are an entrepreneur? You might be very interested in their upcoming program Project Gateway