Pechakucha is a specific format of talk : 20 slides, exactly 20 seconds per slide. 6 minutes 40 seconds to spread your message.

It has been a very interesting challenge, especially when you like to tell stories as much as I do... Here you have to cut all the stories and go straight to the point...

This edition was a women only, and I chose to share my experience and teachings as a woman in a male-dominated extreme sport aka streetluge. These teachings have influenced my life way beyond this niche sport.

There would be so much more to say, so much nuance to bring, so many stories to tell. But that would imply much more time than 6min 40 sec.

Curious? Watch the talk below :


There is one take-away I would like to develop a bit more here though.

The biggest lesson has been for me to learn to acknowledge my own value. To stop seeking validation on the outside (among my male streetlugers peers), and to stop feeling like I need to prove myself. The shift has come when the best streetluger on the planet back then told me "it looks like you're the only person here that is not aware of how good you are".

A part of me knew that I was at that level : when I was on a roll, nobody was out of reach, even this man. But my insecurities related to racing were creating a fraud syndrom. I was loosing my power most of the times when there was too much pressure.

Owning my level, my value and my expertise, and adjusting the environment to release the unease, made me move in a peaceful and aligned place. There is a sense of deep relief when you stop chasing for external approval because you are grounded inside.

This story is just a parable of a much bigger picture and can be translated and broaden up to work life...  

When you are in your zone of genius, and you are in full awareness of your value, your don't need to claim legitimacy or look for validation : facts are talking for you, and nobody can deny them or take them away from you. You will be naturally seen and recognized. And when you are in that space, you get naturally peaceful and act from a mature and empowered place.

Seek for the thing you do that make people look at or listen to you because they see can't even question your credibility . Because you shine naturally.

Now do THIS, as much as possible.

You don't know how to achieve that shift? I am here help you, it is my mission to help you identify and take actions to maximise your potential. Contact me here, or by sending and email to


photo credit Sofia Color