I am going to tell you a little story.

It all started when I gave my first talk in Bali in early january this year, in Hubud, one of the most famous and unanimously ranked one of the best coworking space in the world (sources : Forbes, CNN,...).

It has a specific place in my heart since it is where I have found the community, support, motivation and inspiration to start putting together Exploring Happy back in in november 2015.

During this talk, I was sharing my work and vision on how to shift your perspective on fulfillment, empowerment, productivity and balance at work by learning to manage your energy, not your time, explaining to the audience how self-awareness and energy management were the keys to design a work life and a life that really suit your natural abilities and your nature.

In the room was sitting Renee Martyna, cofounder and co-owner of Hubud. 

After my talk, she came to thank me and told me quickly about this retreat she was organizing for women, and that they could benefit from my very specific approach on energy management and self-awareness.

The retreat happened a few months later in Bali, and I ended up being one of the guest speakers.  I discovered the whole Women In Transition concept with great enthusiasm.

I was there at the opening diner on the sunday evening and arrived a bit early, so I witnessed how Renee and Marta were brilliantly facilitating the first pre-diner mini workshop.

This diner gave me the opportunity to meet the freshly arrived attendees. There were so many different profiles all gathered with a will to work on themselves and take the next step to live a life aligned with themselves, using the power of the group. I could see that some had some inner fights going on. The softness, wisdom and knowledge of Renee and Marta would be on point for these women! 

Fast forward 5 days later, on friday morning, day of my talk. Oh my god what a change in the group dynamic! I had left a sum of individuals who just met 5 days earlier, and now I was entering a strong, united and uplifted group. You could definitely see on the faces, the body langages and through their words that these women had experienced big shifts during the week.


I gave my workshop on how to use self-awareness and assess the energy effect of everything you do to get clarity in what direction to give to your work life and how to build a value and inspiration based work life. We had a GREAT time!


A few weeks later Renee and Marta told me about their project to hold the first European edition of Women in Transition, in Poland. They knew I would be in Europe and invited me to join them as a guest speaker/facilitator for the whole week this time.

There has been no second guess, I have agreed straight away! I am really honoured and excited to be part of this adventure. The retreat will happen in the north east of Varsaw, fron the 20th to the 26th of August.

There would be a lot to say about these 2 ladies and their work, but I will let you discover that on the event page

You can also see Renee in action as well as plenty on testimonials on the WIT Bali webpage 

If you want a good reason to travel to the island of gods, you might also be interested in the fact that 2 Women In Transition retreats will take place in Bali this autumn!


CURIOUS TO KNOW MORE? Renee is holding a free webinar in a week! Info and registration here