The fundamental first step to design a meaningful and empowering career transition

Take the time to reflect on yourself before rushing into a new project or job.

A program for people who understand the importance of learning from your experiences and about yourself in order to design a work life and a life that really suits them.

Career transition can be scary. The natural reaction is to rush into finding a plan B, a plan C,... To be led by your analytical brain and your fears. Consequence is that most people very efficiently convince themselves that this new project or job is what they were really looking for, and miss out on the unique opportunity to look into themselves to find the real insights and answers.

Truth is, transition times are some of the most precious moments of your life. Moments when you can look back, see the bigger picture, understand the precious lessons and knowledge that stand into your past experiences.

This is what this program is all about. Before starting a process to find your next big idea or move, take the time to shift mindset and put yourself in the center of the picture in order to have what is needed to build a professional and personal project that is really aligned with you.

How can it be achieved? By learning about yourself, about your natural rhythm, your nature, and identify and understand the energy impact of everything related to your work life. Seeing things through the impact they have on you is a complete game changer. You're giving yourself permission for the first time to understand and accept yourself and how you feel about things, people, situations and tasks. Without having anybody or anything around you telling you you should not be or feel this way. This is where your true wisdom is hidding.

By learning to tune-in, you will have all the materials to build your own customized and strong foundations to create a worklife that is TRULY aligned, balanced and fulfilling.



Key elements of the program:

  • 4 weeks
  • 4 live teaching sessions (2 hours)
  • A weekly email with workbook, curated content and exercises
  • A weekly "go deeper" email with related articles, talks, and books
  • A weekly personalized check-in with Helene in between 2 teaching sessions
  • 8 people max in each group
  • a discount on upcoming courses or programs and personalized 1 to 1 coaching


What to expect:

  • a dynamic, hear-centered, straight-forward and authentic facilitator
  • no false promises - only reality checks and practical solutions
  • live problem solving each week
  • no taboos or politically correct facilitation: this program is made for genuine and open-minded people
  • full privacy : what is said in the group or in person stays there


What you will get from the program:

  • empowering yourself through the blank page mindset
  • a game-changer vision on how to approach your work and your life
  • scientific knowledge about your natural rhythms and how they rule your life
  • a deeper understanding on your nature, your natural rhythm, and energy management
  • a unique approach to empower yourself with this knowledge
  • efficient tools to manage your energy and move through all the transition phases
  • tools to understand and overcome stress, doubts,  and limiting beliefs
  • a complete process and tool box to organise your work and your life according to your nature and these rhythms
  • taylor-made 1-1 counseling in between group sessions to make sure you are getting the most
  • a prceious source of curated content to go deeper on each topic treated (books, talks, articles, studies)
  • a community of like-minded people




    The program is starting beginning of 2018. The exact launch date will be confirmed by january 2018. Make sure to subscribe to the list to know about the latest details!


    How much?

    This programme is a 372 euros investment for a complete personal and professional audit that goes along with major mindset shift that will bring you on the path of empowerment, alignement and fulfilment that you are seeking in your work life! And all of this by simply using self-awareness and giving yourself the permission to use this knowledge.

    Isn't it exciting?

    Remember : there are only 8 spots available in order to maximize the potential of the programme for you!


    Interested? Sign-up here to be on the exclusivity list and get all the registration informations 48 hours prior to the official release! Only 8 spots are available!


    More details on the program's content :

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    First we will go inwards : in order to design a work life on your own terms, you better know first what your terms are right? And the best way to know these terms is to first understand yourself. In this first session it will all about getting a deeper knowledge of your natural rhythm, your nature, and your energy patterns. 


    WEEK 2 - SEEING THROUGH the energy impact LENSE

    In this second session focused on self-awareness, we will track more precisely your energy levels fluctuations and the external causes that will impact your energy, mood, motivation... Positively and negatively. People, places, situations, and... your tasks! 

    These 2 weeks will give is a clear and complete picture of your current work situations, and provide all the necessary content to prepare and shape a transition that is as aligned with you as possible.



    This week will be all about shifting your perspective and focus on what makes you come alive and what you stand for. Through a serie of exercises, we will uncover together where and how your magic happens. You will identify and put in colors your own design(s) for inspiration, drive, empowerment and alignement. 

    rollercoaster REDIM.jpeg


    Choosing to go through a career transition is beautiful, bold, brave, exciting and also scary. One thing is sure : you will have highs and lows. Another one is sure too : with this program you'll have all the knowledge to embrace, understand and overcome the inevitable not-so-fun moments. 

    This week will be all about creating and maintaining healthy routines and self-care habits to sustain the lows and transcend the highs!