My name is Hélène Schmit, I am a work life designer, fulfilment coach, strategist and future of work activist.

I believe in a world of work that is more fulfilling, flexible, innovative, and most importantly, human-centred. The future of work is already happening today, and I am here to facilitate this necessary process for you.

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I help entrepreneurs, freelancers, employees, teams and companies to create a more fulfilling and balanced way of working, at the individual and also collective level, through coaching, consulting, public speaking and workshops tailored for your needs.


Exploring Happy was born after years of corporate work, implying the whole package of responsabilities, pressure and stress that goes along. On my way, I have observed and understood a lot of things, I have received many training, some I was resonating with, some... much less... I have brought the Exploring Happy vision to life immersed in a very stimulating and inspiring international scene of entrepreneurs, start-ups and online business owners, on the island of Bali.

Today i am offering the essence of this diversity through my services: awareness of the reality of the western mindset, management and work style that meets the infinite possibilities of free-spirited entrepreneurship.


You’re ready to explore how building a fulfilling life and career could look like. And you want a tailored designed help to move through that process.


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All the online programs are designed to be on-location workshops. Reach out to me if you are interested or join the newsletter for update!



Sharing experiences, stories, sparkling interest and curiosity, inspiring, teaching,... Each time a customized experience