Ever since I have started the Exploring Happy journey in january 2016, life has brought on my path game changing encounters with people sharing the same values and vision than me. And it keeps on happening, more and more often, and with an increasing power and impact. These people, these collaborations are what make me come alive, what make me keep on going during the lows of entrepreneurship (yes, we ALL go through them, I promise).

This section is dedicated to them and to what we create together.

And believe me, there is a lot coming in 2018!

"If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together"



Another beautiful linkedin story! Deb, founder of remote work hub, found me online through word of mouth, and reached out to me. We planned a skype session together and there magic happened. I am having a lot of skype calls or encounters with people who reach out to me, or that i have decided to reach out to. Each encounter is different, but they all have in common genuine human connection, honest sharing, and brings a lesson, an inspiration. Sometimes it is just one discussion, sometimes there is a follow-up, and every once in a while, some kind of magic and synchronicity happens.

I could feel quite quickly this encounter was falling in the latest category. And few months later I can tell you I was right, and we are building together an exciting collaboration to offer remote workers as well as remote friendly company high value services and advices.

Remote work hub is a website specialized in offering remote jobs opportunities, not only freelance gigs, and it makes a whole difference. As much as the gig economy has become a global reality, and offers to freelancers and remote workers great opportunities to diversify their clients, some company as well as some people are still looking for a  longer term commitment and visibility. Making them meet and match, and offering them services to maximise the chances of success in their quest is the purpose of remote work hub.

Remote work hub is much more than a simple job board, and just launched their members area, we will offer their first members-only masterclass in january 2018 to quickstart the adventure!

This masterclass will address the remote mindset opportunities and challenges :

  • understanding the unsettling or overwhelming feeling that comes with the sudden freedom
  • dealing with (and fighting) isolation
  • creating and maintaining momentum
  • playing with the possibilities in terms of organisation and work location
  • understanding the importance of boundaries

More infos soon on the website!




This webinar is the natural follow-up of our first collaboration in october (see below), when i gave a masterclass for her  IMUA program on how to manage your energy during career transition times.

Our obvious complementary knowledge, positioning and approach motivated us to give a webinar on how to prepare and manage a career transition, by getting more clarity, ressources and motivation.

the topics we will cover are : 

  • Tips and tools about preparing for and moving through your career transition
  • Reality checks on what to expect
  • How to cultivate the right mindset to take a successful leap

Our webinar takes place on monday, december 11th at 7 am france time.

Informations and registrations happen here.



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I stayed a few days in Warsaw, Poland after Women in Transition retreat in August 2017. I went to visit The Brain Embassy, a mindblowing coworking space, and this visit led me to be offered to be a speaker at the Agility by Design conference in Warsaw in november 2017.

While the main conference will be held in 2018, this november edition was an intense workshop day with speakers, facilitators and attendees from all over Europe!

This conference's mission is to inspire leaders and create a community of new generation thinkers, disruptors, and entrepreneurs who want to have a positive impact.

Agility by design carries three distinctive goals:
1. sharing the latest research and ideas focused on creating healthier, happier, more engaging, more innovative and thus more profitable organizations
2. encouraging the participants to embrace healthier and more fulfilling life habits thus improving their levels of energy, personal performance, and happiness
3. providing education and help for children in Nigeria and making this contribution the essential part of life fulfilled and meaningful.

The audience was very diversified, from high level corporate executives to freelancers. 

I gave a 2 hours workshop on work and life by design, met very inspiring and stimulating people in the process and received a lot of very positive feedbacks! 

More to come in 2018!



cecile pompei.jpg

Cécile Pompei found me online through the freedom summit (see below) and contacted me after seeing my interview. We e-met through skype, really got along well, and stayed in contact. There were so many similarities as well as complementarities in our work and vision, we were really enthusiastic about this encounter! 

Little by little, time made us become a nice support team, and very organically we have started collaborating together. This masterclass was the first step and a very uplifting experience. She has been a "future of work" advocate for years, and curates high quality programs for people in career transition who need a boost to make "it" happen. On my side, I work with people who are either at the stage right before, or who are already in activity as entrepreneurs .

With her endless energy, I am pretty sure she litterally could moves mountains! And apparently I am pretty well known for that too ;) Still we express it in 2 very different ways, that make the collaboration fun and fruitful

We were meant to meet and work together!

This masterclass was all about learning to manage your energy during career transition, and use self awareness to consciously design your next career step in a way that is truly aligned with yourself.

Her career transition program is called IMUA , you can find all the information you want here.




This tradeshow is organised once a year to promote happiness at work and holistic well-being. The organisers made their mission to give the opportunity to people to discover how they can take care of themselves at the professional level as much as personally. Balance can only be achieved if none of these aspects of life are in serious inbalance. "On est bien" really gives the opportunity to discover or go deeper on holistic well being, for mind, body and spirit!

It gave me the opportunity to meet the local actors of happiness at work and have interesting insights on where France was at after 3 years traveling and living in foreign countries and immersed in international communities of entrepreneurs. I made some very interesting encounters among my french peers.

I had the pleasure to give a talk in front of a large audience (100+ people) and share my vision and my work for the first time in my native language, french. The response of the audience to the concept of managing your energy and not your time has been overwhelmingly positive!

Definitely a meaningful and impactful experience

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The french start-up Bloomr and I have connected through the magic of linkedin when I was still in Bali. The bloomr team is offering online programs for people who want to transition to a career that fits them well and in november 2017 they launched their new program built to stimulate boldness in the workplace.

A few emails and a long skype call later, we knew we were meant to collaborate together.

We decided spontaneously to launch "les défis du lundi", made of weekly challenges I would set to Noemie, one of bloomr's founders, to increase her productivity, balance and self-awareness at work. I would set the challenge, she would give a review of her experience and teachings by the end of the week.

Overall we created 8 episodes and both learned a lot in the process :)

For the french speaking people, you can find the challenge here.



Smart Women. Changing everything.


WIT retreats were born in Bali in 2016. They are designed for women who are willing to design their life on their own terms, are ready for change and understand the incredible support brought by facilitator who have waled this path as well as a like-minded group of attendees.

The women in transition concept has been created by Renee Martyna, co-founder and co-owneer of Hubud coworking space, one of the most famous and ranked one of the best coworking space in the world. A space dedicated to emphasize the power of community, sharing knowledge and co-giving.

I have been a guest speaker at the may 2017 edition of WIT in Bali, and I have the pleasure and honor to be a guest facilitator at the next edition in Poland, from the 20th to the 26th of august.

You want to be inspired? Watch this talk from Renee at 2016 WIT edition.




Pechakucha is a specific format of talk : 20 slides, exactly 20 seconds per slide. 6 minutes 40 seconds to spread your message.

It has been a very interesting challenge, especially when you like to tell stories as much as I do... Here you have to cut all the stories and go straight to the point...

This edition was a women only, and I chose to share my experience and teachings as a woman in a male-dominated extreme sport aka streetluge. These teachings have influenced my life way beyond this niche sport.

There would be so much more to say, so much nuance to bring, so many stories to tell. But that would imply much more time than 6min 40 sec

Here it is, enjoy!



Working with companies and organisations is the full expression of my work, especially with start-ups. All the ingredients are (or have to potential to be) here to create an empowering dynamic :

  • meaning
  • culture and values
  • remote work
  • flexibility 
  • complementarity
  • innovation
  • pro-activity
  • community and collaboration

Things can be different on paper than in reality. This is when having an external advisor can make sense. When the company or start-up grows to a point where there is a need for HR, big picture and setting to rules of the games so the teams keep on working well together and maintain work-life balance.

I was thrilled to share my knowledge with an amazing start-up incubator called Livit. They already have implemented an amazing work dynamic and company culture while having their teams in 4 different locations



After our successful first collaboration on their podcast, I have been invited by Happy Melly to facilitate a one week challenge for their private slack network, and write a guest blogpost.

Considering our shared values and focus, I have written a blogpost on transition to a new work life, and I have built a small one week challenge to set the foundations of a value and inspiration based work life.

You can read the post, see the challenge and find out more about Happy Melly here!



I was recently interview by Andrew Henderson and his team for Nomad Capitalist blog for their #NomadWeek series, featuring real stories, journeys and advices from digital nomads all around the world. You can check out the interview here or by clicking on the image.

Nomad Capitalist are helping location independent entrepreneurs and digital nomads to organise their business and accounts legally so they can enjoy their lifestyle to the fullest by avoiding a lot of worries and tricky situations!



Capture d’écran 2017-05-16 à 11.46.28.png

This online summit concept came directly from the mind and heart of Estela Kun, ho has been living the digital nomad life for the past 10 years. She told me about it when we met in Barcelona in august 2016. When I saw her again few months later in Bali, it was clear in her head she would make it happen within 3 months. She put together an amazing team of passionate digital nomads and together they did a huge amount of work to make the first Freedom Summit happen. An online summit designed by digital nomads for digital nomads or people curious to embrace this lifestyle and work style.

When she offered me to be a speaker it was a big yes of course, and I joined the adventure to a deeper level by designing a specific masterclass for digital nomads to manage the work & travel lifestyle in a sustainable way.

The speaker line-up she brought together for this summit was impressive, and the content delivered of great value! Some of the names : Casey Fenton - founder of couchsurfing, Steve Munroe - founder of Hubud and CU Asia, Tal Gur - coach, writer, public speaker, Feli and Marcus - founders of DNX conference,...

It was a great success with hundreds of people following the summit online. It created a great momentum, and a few months later they organised the first on location edition of the summit in Bulgaria, with 250+ attendees! Unfortunately I could not make it as a speaker since I was in Poland for Women in Transition at the same time... 

More informations will be release in early 2018 about our upcoming collaborations and the juicy events the freedom experience team is putting together for you!




Happy Melly is a Happiness at work network made of change-makers, CHO, management 3.0 and lean management experts, and overall happiness at work activists.

A real inspiration!

Our work is really aligned, and it has been an real honor when they offered me to be on their podcast.






I am telling you a story about a very special place, in the Balinese Jungle, next to the volcanoes.

A place like no other, a growth and creativity incubator

It is in Nowlicious magazine, the beautiful online yoga and conscious lifestyle magazine, and it is on page 50




There is something about me that intrigues a lot of people : I have been a streetluge rider since 2003. It has been my biggest passion in my life for so many years, and I can clearly state it is part of my DNA. By simply having fun, I have reached the level of the fastest men, and raced them. My favorite practice remains freeriding, though. No qualification, no race, no pressure, just fun going down the hills as fast as possible with people I fully trust. Yes it can be dangerous, I can't deny it. Experience, patience, humility, caution, fast reflexes and anticipation are the key's to stay safe and sound, while still having the best fun and feeling the effects on adrenaline

Even if I have evolved in terms of activities and passions, I still really enjoy taking part in a few downhill events a year.

Curious to know how it impacted my life, and contributed to shape who I am today?

Then listen to this podcast!


Early days interview on the Exploring Happy concept with rethink TV

Clic on the image to watch