Why coaching for you, and with me?

Taking the decision to explore other options is already a big step by itself. You should be so proud!

One thing I can tell you out of experience - mine and so many other people I've met on my path: Moving through this process with somebody who perfectly gets what you’re going through will multiply your chances to make the best out of this experience.

Somebody who knows there is not just one way or one pace; who will help you to empower yourself and find inspiration with the right tools, questions, advice and experiences.

I am that person. I have been where you are, believe me. Every step of the way, from various high level corporate jobs to burnout, to exploration and transition. And finally, living a fulfilling and aligned life.

Tapping into my professional experience, my personal story and into the deep knowledge gathered being on both sides of the mirror for 14 years, I have designed for you an iterative and interactive experience to guide you through your exploration and transition to a life on your own terms. And it does not mean it is mandatory for you to quit everything right now! It is a life designed by you, I am here to facilitate the process.

Important disclaimer: by booking a chat with me or contacting me through email, I will NOT store your data without your consent.

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What you will learn and get from our work :

exploring_happy_coach_work_productivity_self awareness.jpg

Learn to know your nature, natural rhythm and favorite environments, to work with yourself rather than against yourself

Work on your values, inspirations, anchors, and achievements. Understand why, how and when the best version of yourself is in full expression.

Complete skills and talent diagnostics with a twist - addressing the energy and emotional effects of all work related topics and tasks.

Time is finite, energy renews. Redefine productivity - manage your energy not your time. Organise your tasks and your days based on the work diagnostic and self-awareness. 

exploring_happy_coach_work_productivity_big picture_priorities_vision_innovation.jpg

Learn to see things from a higher perspective and create space for vision, innovation planning and priorities.

Generate momentum by creating a motivating structure of work to ensure dynamic, productivity and most importantly: Work-life balance.

Define the necessary rules towards yourself as well as others, personally and professionally

Shift your perspective on money and budgeting, and use it as a way to take your power back and create opportunities at every stage of the process.


A tailor-designed experience depending on : 

  • How ready you are to explore or change
  • Your story, your talents, your interests...
  • Your existing projects or ideas
  • How you feel physically, mentally, emotionally
  • Where you are at financially

During our sessions, I will fully adjust to you and we will work together in moving through the steps necessary for you.