Exciting times coming!

I am launching 2 new programs in january 2018, specially crafted for people who want to explore news ways of working and living.

  • One program designed specifically for remote workers and location independent entrepreneurs : Maximise your work potential and fulfilment with self-awareness
  • a program designed for people who are starting (or about to) a sabbatical or a transition to a new career

Each program is happening on a 5 weeks period, with a group of max 8 persons.

It includes ech week : one 90 minutes group class with Helene Schmit + targeted exercises and workbook + curated content and book references to go deeper + a personalized follow-up in between sessions.


Later on, short courses will be proposed to address key topics that will help you on building a life and career that are aligned with you :

The Meditative Rose by Salvador Dali OSA388.jpg

Set the foundations of a values and inspiration-based work life

Let’s go to the basics needed if you want to reshape your work life and bring meaning and fulfillment in it.


Design youR days and your weeks for productivity and balance

Set frames and routines, organise your days depending on the nature of your tasks and your energy levels, learn how to balance your days, and shape your weekly calendar.


Work diagnostic - go deeper : get your personal, in-depth, work ANALYSIS

Let’s explore your skills, your talents, your values, your success, understand the bigger picture, to identify what to focus on to build empowerment and fulfillment.



Learn to budget and understand the messages behind your money patterns.

Manage your budget in awareness to avoid frustration and create space for opportunities.