Yes, a consequence. Of an uplifting, meaningful and trustworthy work environment. 

And not the other way round. You cannot buy trust. You cannot fake meaning. You cannot bypass support and inspiration.

Not if you want to build and grow a healthy and sustainable organisation.

I have developed products and consultancy for start-ups, organisations and companies who want to create the best environment for their employees to thrive, have a good work-life balance and feel fulfilled. Especially when they are about to grow.

Engagement, performance and innovation are what most companies are dreaming of. While this is completely possible, it implies a mindset shift, and to focus on the "being" part of work: embodied company culture and values, honest and communication, flexibility, and the most important, a feeling of genuine trust and safety. This is not something you can fake. And this is where the magic happen.

Through on-site conference, live webinar, or specific consultancy, I can help you move towards a human-centered and empowering work organisation, develop a company culture, improve team work,... 

My expertise :

  • Productivity in a flexible work organisation
  • Empowering employees with a lateral organisation
  • Creating the right environment for engagement and innovation : safety, trust, meaning and belonging
  • Gathering around shared values and company culture
  • The responsibility that comes with freedom
  • Self-awareness and communication in team work
  • What is and why work-life balance?


I have started working with start-ups with great success. They talk about it :

Alexandrina Danifeld - Senior Recruitment Coordinator

I had the pleasure to attend the "How To Use Self Awareness To Optimize Your Workflow & Your Productivity" webinar Helene hosted for our company here in Bali. We webinar was a tremendous success and we received very positive feedback and words of praise for Helene from the attending team members in more than 6 countries. We all learned useful information and tricks on how to work smart and understand/accept the individual differences in performance and workload capacity.  Moreover this webinar inspired our team members to start a open conversation on how we can harness these individual differencesfor our organizational growth and productivity. Undoubtedly, Helen's talk brought along a positive change in our teams.


Lavinia Iosub - Livit Spaces & Project Getaway Manager

Helene can provide you with great insight (both scientific and based on personal experiences) into important topics such as productivity, energy levels, motivation and happiness. She can help shape new mindsets, goals and routines so you (and your team) can reach optimal work-life balance and lead fulfilling live