Do you feel ready to rethink your approach on professional fulfilment and impact?

One thing is sure: you are bigger than your successive job descriptions!

You can contribute and find professional fulfilment in ways that you would have never imagined. I can tell you from experience, if you are ready to let yourself beeing guided beyond the box, there is a world of possibilities waiting.

In order to achieve that, you need to change completely your approach. A mix of mindset work and increased self-awareness and boldness, applied in concrete ways to the service of your company or own business. The boldness of owning what it means to be yourself, and bring your best specific value to the world.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” - quote attributed to Albert Einstein - but that does not really matter, right?

If you speak french, here is an expression of the Exploring Happy philosophy

(through an original angle)

An invitation to ask yourself, how things could look like if you dared doing them your own way?

A complete paradigm shift

performance, productivity, long term engagement are a consequence of a work and environment that are fulfiling, stimulating, meaningful, and aligned with who you are.

EXPLORING HAPPY offers a innovative vision on professional fulfilment and value creation, where you put yourself fully in the center of your reflexion.

You learn to develop a vision and to connect your biggest potential and impact through an unique signature process.

And you also to stop managing your time, tasks and emergencies, and rather manage your ENERGY. From this seamingly simple approach (and maybe mysterious?), you actually create a total paradigm shift, that gets translated into :

  • your entrepreneurial development and strategy

    the meaningful career transition you’ve been contemplating for a while

  • AND in the way you experience your work and manage your teams.


Seen in


Who can benefit from the Exploring Happy approach?

  • Entrepreneurs wishing to develop a truly heart-centered professional activity (on the why, the how, and the what), and work and lead with authenticity and genuine impact.

  • People considering (or going through) a career change, partial or total, willing to build a work life that is meaningful and fulfiling

  • Managers and leaders from companies and start-ups, willing to open themselves and their teams to other ways of being, working and leading, based on people, trust, and meaning.

EXPLORING HAPPY is an answer to those who never found themselves in the strict codes of corporate world and conventional coaching approaches.


I have created an approach that opens yourself to what is possible for you and your contribution. An approach that makes your irrevocably broaden your vision of what is possible, that makes you dare the boldness f being yourself and capitalize on what makes you unique and unforgettable.

I work remotely, unless we find ourselves in the same location!

After a few nomadic years, I have set base again in France, in Annecy, right next to Geneva, Switzerland.

I keep on traveling, especially in Bali, that is a huge infopreneur and change makers hubs, where community, stimulation and inspiration are at every corners, inside and outside coworking spaces.

You want to know more and tell me about your dreams and needs? book a free discovery call with me below!