A complete paradigm shift:

Performance, productivity, engagement on the long run are a consequence of a fulfilling, stimulating, meaningful work and environment, aligned with who you are.

EXPLORING HAPPY offers an innovative vision of empowerment and contribution, by putting you fully in the center of the reflection and making you own and leverage who you are and your vision, to the service of your career, business and, for leaders, your team’s empowerment and fulfilment.

You’ll learn how to be boldly yourself, and to connect to your greater potential and impact, through your vision, messages and how they get practically translated in your career, leadership or business strategy.

Self-awareness - Awareness of your environment - Connection to meaning and vision.

A simple trilogy, an approach that can bring you very deep in terms of powerful reflection, and can get translated with any kind of coaching I offer, wether you are an entrepreneur, a CEO or a person seeking to create a meaningful worklife.

My name is Hélène Schmit, I am an architect of the human. I help entrepreneurs and leaders to connect, embody and share their vision through the way they lead, work and live.

I work with inspired and conscious change-makers to create a fulfilling, impactful and work and organisation

(for french speaking people) A concrete illustration of the Exploring Happy vision

through a surprising angle, share on TEDxAnnecy stage.

How could things look like if you dared doing them your way?

Who can benefit from the Exploring Happy approach?


willing to implement new ways of working, and develop a strong human centered culture based on meaning and trust (clic on the image)

Entrepreneurs and leaders

willing to develop an heart-centred activity and share they vision with authenticity and impact (clic on the image)

Inspired people starting or contemplating a career transition

(or thinking of) willing to build a meaningful worklife on their own terms. (clic on the image)


I work remotely, unless we find ourselves in the same location! For european companies, on-site visits and encounters will be mandatory!

After a few nomadic years, I have set base again in France, in Annecy, right next to Geneva, Switzerland.

Curious to know more? book a free appointment with me so we can meet and talk!

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