Hélène Schmit


I have worked in corporate environment, with high responsibilities positions for 11 years. First in a strategic and lobbying position in international telecommunication regulations, working for a french mobile operator, within the ITU, then as a project manager in real estate development, and then as a project manager in urban planning, dealing with strategic and high risk projects. You can see my corporate path here if you re curious.

After quite a journey, in september 2014, I quit my corporate life and sold my flat, and took a break to travel, meet people, open my perspectives and figure out another way of living my personal and professional life. I had to heal from my burn-out. I was exhausted, insomniac, I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, bits of depression. I had no projects, I was not dreaming anymore, I was struggling to feel real joy. Still I knew one thing deep inside : something else was possible. And I had what it took.

But first, I had to take a break. A proper break. I could not take decisions for my future considering how much in pain I still was.

A year later, I was much better. I was feeling ready, I just did not know yet for what. I decided to move for 6 months in Ubud, Bali, … Ubud is know for its stunning sceneries and the fact that it is a yoga mecca. What is less known is that it is an international entrepreunarial hub : inspiring entrepreneurs, start-up or social business founders, coaches,... And this is why I got there. I joined a "tribe" in a major coworking space. (the story that led me there is here)

Surrounding myself with this variety of people living a work life on their own terms and redefining success opened my eyes broadly and changed my life forever. I also have fully understood the power of a community of like-minded, stimulating, supportive and inspiring people. Here, in the middle of the ricefields and next to the volcanoes, everything fell into place. My whole program took shape. 

It took me a year to refine it, adjust to the needs of the people I wanted to help with my work : people with a story similar to mine, the lovely misfits, the ones who question the statut quo, seek, try, move forward, ... During and after this time I have given many talks, workshops, coached people, started fruitful collaborations... Each experience was giving me more motivation and clarity on how to share my vision with you.


I help people creating a fulfilling, efficient and flexible work organisation and work life, through self-awareness.

All my clients have one thing in common : they are ready to build a life on there on terms and understand that it takes time to look inside, look back, and consider all aspects before rushing the next move, or staying stuck where they are.

Contact me if you want to know more or want to know if we are a good fit to work together!


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