They make me blush....


DEREK LOUDERMILK - business coach, speaker, AUTHOR, adventurer

"Helene was really great at helping me prepare for a big conference I was speaking at. We went over all the ways to maximize my time and effort for the event. She helped me brainstorm lots of ideas and then we were able to see which ones would be most effective. She was great about checking in on my progress and holding me accountable so that I could be succesful."



"Helene really spoke to women who wanted to curate their own careers with great balance and integrity. She has accomplished a great deal in unlikely circumstances, so she has a lot of 'street cred'... literally and figuratively!"



Hélène is a truly happiness at work activist ! She will guide you trough a vibrant process of reconnection with life/work fundamentals. Smooth but straight to the point without loosing grip with reality.

I recommend a chat with Hélène to discover in more detail what she does and experiment her uniqueness energy, you will not regret a minute of your time.


Sherina shamdasani - psychologist and life coach

I met helene in one of her productivity workshops in Barcelona and felt inspired by her authenticity and positive vibe. I took her online course too, which made me connect with my inner self and figure out my own natural rhythm and how to adapt it to my current lifestyle. It helped me get a sense of awareness that has lead me to live a more balanced lifestyle that best suits me.



" I highly recommend coaching with Helene. I was really unhappy with my job and was completely lost in my future projects… Thanks to her support, I’ve learned a lot of things about myself that I did not know. The coaching enabled me to understand what kind of professional life I was really looking for. Thanks Helene for your positivity thinking, your encouragements and your efficiency…. I achieved with success my professional projects!"


MARIE corvisart de fleury - SHIATSU PRACTICIONER

"I would like to thank Helene for her work. She practices coaching with passion and with a brilliant relevant eye. She always has an appropriate question helping you to discover the right issue. She is riding on our unconscious mechanisms and help us with ability to be aware of them. She has got many magic and fun tools (as Mary Poppins !) to work on it ! She is doing her job with so much love and patience that I just wish everybody to meet this lovely person. I wish you the best"


Petra hu - Theta healer

"I did a coaching session with Helene because I wanted to develop a healthier relationship with money. Helene helped me approach my budget in a realistic and relaxed way. She helped me realize that it’s not about making cuts, but making space. Seeing time, money and personal fulfillment in a holistic way gave me a more empowered financial mindset, flipping the way I used to see money as something I could never have enough of to something that helps me create the life I desire."