Redefine productivity : Manage your energy not your time


This is the workshop I wish I found for so many years when I was still in corporate. Not another productivity hack training. n process that puts you, the human being, in the center. That teaches you how to work with yourself rather than against yourself.

So many people are stuck in a rigid work organization, endless working hours, procrastination. Even after becoming self-employed. Programmed patterns (culture, education, management) are deeply anchored in all of us. 

And there is more to this picture : Most people keep on defining themselves through a list of skills without questioning what really drives them and where they are expressing their full added value.

Try to consider productivity and time management as a consequence and not an end goal. Wouldn't it change everything?

In this workshop, you will shift your positioning towards your work rhythm, work organization and you will dig deeply into how your nature as well as the nature of your tasks affect your productivity and your energy.




I organise workshops for digital nomads and location independent workers in the different location i travel to. These workshops will be focused on dealing with the unsettling aspects of traveling, embracing a flexible work organisation as well as creating frames and routines to keep your momentum

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My strong background in corporate makes me relate to this audience. The fact that an office job allows less flexibility does not mean you cannot shift your approach and behaviors and empower yourself. The focus here will be made on work organisation, balance, priorities and boundaries. But always by using self-awareness.